Thursday, February 28, 2008

ICPA Award Winning Images

Here are my winning images from the 2007 ICPA convention

1st place - Photo Essay - 2007 Chicago Marathon

Caption:Jamie Zacharias, 28, of Fort Worth, Texas is assisted to the medical tent by a course official after crossing the finish line with a time of 3:34:54. Unseasonably high temperatures during the 2007 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon caused hundreds of participants to be brought to local hospitals.

3rd Place - Feature Photo

Caption:An ironworker positioned several stories above the block-37 construction site at 108 N. State St. Chicago, Ill., pauses in between crane loads of metal beams on Mar. 13, 2007. The future building will be a mixed use facility featuring a subway station and mall.

2nd place - Sports Photo

Caption: John Gaskell and Mike Finch from Michigan leap over the taxicab obstacle at the finish line on Oct. 20 2007 during the Men’s Health: Urbanathlon in Chicago, Ill. Finch said he was interested in the event but had to convince Gaskell to come with him.

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